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Responsive, precise, direct

Constant road feedback, surgical handling, compliant suspension makes riding a T-REX like a pro as easy as 1, 2, 3. Electronic control of the engine torque at the touch of a button gives you control on the behavior of the vehicle in any situation.

The custom coil over spring suspension offers a smooth ride with exciting cornering ability and stability. Preload adjustment allows you adjust your suspension according to the load of the vehicle and your preferences for smooth or firm ride.

Because of its chassis design, low center of gravity, suspension and weight distribution, the T-REX can take 1.3 G lateral acceleration in a curve.

Made of light aluminum alloy, the T-REX 16S is equipped with Campagna designed wheels. They are of Gunmetal color. These wheels have an 11 spoke race style.

Wheels dimensions:
16” in Front
18” in the Back

Fitted with BF Goodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 high performance tires, with a W speed rating, the T-REX 16S can handle any surface; wet or dry.

ACCELERATE FASTER. Best dry traction vs. the competition on the track for 100% more fun on the street.

CORNER HARDER. More control for precise cornering with 30% better wet and 8% better dry grip.

No compromise

Ergonomics and comfort are prime design objectives. No compromise between day-to-day driving characteristics and performance. Unique leaned driving position combined with an adjustable suspension makes you one with your T-REX.

The T-REX 16S is equipped with performance braking power with its disc-brakes on all wheels activated with Wilwood 4-piston calipers in front.


 The Campagna T-REX is a two-seat, three-wheeled motor vehicle created by the Campagna Motors, located in Quebec, Canada. It's powered by a in-line 6 cylinder engine from BMW.[1] Although it used to be registered as a motorcycle, it’s mostly considered as a “three-vehicle” nowadays. The interior can accommodate the driver and a single passenger seated side-by-side, with adjustable seat backs, a foot-pedal box, and retractable three-point seat belts. The manual transmission, controlled by hand, more closely resembles a motorcycle's transmission than that of a car.

High Reving 6 Cylinder Engine

Powered by the in-line 6 cylinder engine from BMW, the T-REX 16S has all the power to make you experience an ultimate ride. It delivers a low rpm torque for smooth or brisk acceleration. This makes the T-REX 16S one of the most fun and exciting drive.

Lean and muscular

Lightweight composite materials, hi-tech alloys with lean design and engineering of every component contribute to create a unique combination of strength, lightness and efficiency. Shapes that withstand the test of time.




Lateral Acceleration

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